How mommy behaves?

By default, model-mommy skips fields with null=True or blank=True. Also if a field has a default value, it will be used.

You can override this behavior by explicitly defining values.

When shouldn’t you let mommy generate things for you?

If you have fields with special validation, you should set their values by yourself.

Model-mommy should handle fields that:

  1. don’t matter for the test you’re writing;
  2. don’t require special validation (like unique, etc);
  3. are required to create the object.

Currently supported fields

  • BooleanField, IntegerField, BigIntegerField, SmallIntegerField, PositiveIntegerField, PositiveSmallIntegerField, FloatField, DecimalField
  • CharField, TextField, SlugField, URLField, EmailField
  • ForeignKey, OneToOneField, ManyToManyField (even with through model)
  • DateField, DateTimeField, TimeField
  • FileField, ImageField

Custom fields

Model-mommy allows you to define generators methods for your custom fields or overrides its default generators. This could be achieved by specifing a dict on settings that its keys are the field paths and the values their generators functions, as the example bellow:

# on your file:
def gen_func():
    return 'value'

    'test.generic.fields.CustomField': gen_func,