Deprecation WarningsΒΆ

Because of the changes of model_mommy’s API, the following methods are deprecated and will be removed in one of the future releases:

  • mommy.make_one -> should use the method mommy.make instead
  • mommy.prepare_one -> should use the method mommy.prepare instead
  • mommy.make_many -> should use the method mommy.make with the _quantity parameter instead
  • mommy.make_many_from_recipe -> should use the method mommy.make_recipe with the _quantity parameter instead
  • MOMMY_CUSTOM_FIELDS_GEN -> should use the method mommy.generators.add instead
  • model_mommy does not create file automagically anymore. To enable it, you have to pass the parameter _create_files to mommy.make or mommy.make_recipe method.