Model Mommy: Smart fixtures for better tests

Model-mommy offers you a smart way to create fixtures for testing in Django. With a simple and powerful API you can create many objects with a single line of code.

Contributing to Model Mommy

As an open source project, Model Mommy welcomes contributions of many forms

Examples of contributions include:

  • Code Patches
  • Documentation improvements
  • Bug reports


model_mommy supports Django >= 1.8


Run the command above

pip install model_mommy


  1. Prepare a virtual environment.
pip install virtualenvwrapper
mkvirtualenv model_mommy --no-site-packages --distribute
  1. Install the requirements.
pip install -r dev_requirements.txt
  1. Run the tests.
make test


Model-mommy was inspired by many great open source software like ruby’s ObjectDaddy and FactoryGirl.

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